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Nice to meet you! I'm Emily Bradley!

I have been teaching backyard lessons and helping children learn to be safe and love the water for 20 years.

I started teaching swim lessons in pools around Los Angeles, and after the birth of my first kiddos, (twins who are now 10 years old,) we moved to Seattle and no one had a pool! So I found one.... and then another. I've been teaching lessons at home ever since we came here.

The methods I've developed with my expertise in both water safety and child development have made learning to swim a magical experience for hundreds of children over the years! Complementing my work in the water is also my career work as a Parent Education Instructor for North Seattle College for the last 8 years.

I work on building community and supporting families as we navigate the tumultuous journey of parenting.  Working with families in and out of the water is my passion! I am a mama of 3 wild boys - twin 10 year olds, and a 5 year old.

Check out my recent interview on the Parenting Takes a Village podcast!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does my child need to be to take lessons at Little Fish? Our lessons are for children aged 2 and a half and older.
  • Can my other child and I wait beside the pool?  (Yes, if everyone can sit quietly on the bench in the far corner -follow signs.)
  • Can I sign up to see the same teacher every week?  (We do our best to keep instructors consistent to their listed shifts, and notify clients when there will be a change.  You are always welcome to cancel a lesson without penalty if the occasional instructor shift will not work for you.)
  • Can I get in the water with my child? (Not during swim lessons, but feel free to sign up for a family swim!)
  • Can my child play in the pool after or before their lesson? (Lessons are back to back and only one child is allowed in the water at a time, so unfortunately, no.)
  • Can my other child and I wait in the greenhouse by the pool?  (Yes, if everyone can sit quietly on the bench in the far corner of the greenhouse.)
  • Can I use a shower? (Yes, there is a bathroom available for a quick rinse off)
  • Do I need to bring my own towel? (Yes)
  • If I forget my goggles or don't have them yet, can I borrow some? (Yes)
  • Where do I park? (In the designated parking area in front of the house, or on the street.)
  • Can I bring my "pod" for a family swim? (No, due to insurance and noise constraints we are limited to offer this service for single households.)
  • Why can't I find a reoccurring swim spot for the same day and time each week? Reoccurring spots are available, but things book up fast. Folks cancel and reschedule all the time, so the calendar shows random openings. Please email us if you'd like to be added to the last minute cancellation list. BEST way to book is through our "Achieve" app from Wellness Living. Find it in your App Store!
  • Why can't I book a 30 minute lesson with Emily? Emily is teaching mostly assessment lessons and short lessons for kiddos working on a big breakthrough after a few lessons. We work VERY hard, and Emily wants to see as many kiddos as possible, so is only teaching 15 minutes lessons at a time.

Policies and Procedures

When you arrive for your lesson, please park in the designated parking area in front of the house or directly across the street.

The entrance to the pool is through the gate on the right side of the house.

Please be ready to enter the pool area enclosure as soon as the as your lesson begins.  There is a clock on the outside of the enclosure for reference. Lessons are back to back and require punctuality in order to get the most of your swim time.

Feel free to arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled slot and take about 15 minutes afterwards to get dressed and on your way.  There is a changing/waiting room and bathroom down the stairs in the basement of the house for your convenience.

Parents who are accompanied by very young wiggly children or those with particularly nervous swimmers are asked to watch from the lesson cam in the waiting room.  There is also a bench in the enclosure for adults and siblings who wish to quietly observe the lesson.

We appreciate you doing your best to keep noise down to a minimum to minimize interrupting other swim lessons and respect our very sensitive neighbors.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email Emily at

Booking Is Easier Than Ever!

Check out the Wellness Living Achieve app to book on your phone!

To search for lessons at both our locations, use the three lines at the upper left corner of your phone screen to toggle between locations. You must create an account on your desktop browser prior to logging into the app.