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Little Fish 1-on-1 Swim Lessons (15 or 30 minutes)

Swimmers aged 2 and a half years old through adults- join us for 1-on-1 private swim lessons!

Each one on one lesson we teach uses a predictable flow of games and tools to help your swimmer explore the water. No matter which instructor you work with, each child will have a chance to practice with goggles and bubbles while slowly pushing their comfort level and exploring new ways to be safe in the water.

Our instructors are trained in competitive swimming techniques to help you fine tune your strokes and improve your breath skills, flip turns and dives into our 8 foot deep end!

Choose between either 15 or 30 minute sessions. Only one swimmer and the instructor are in the water at a time.

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Littlest Fish Beginning Bubbles (15 minutes)

Kids under age 2 and a half- Join us for some Littlest Fish Beginning Bubbles!

Our regular one on one lessons are geared for kids aged 2 and a half and up without a parent in the pool. For our youngest swimmers, join us for a Littlest Fish Beginning Bubbles. This is geared for caregivers and little ones aged 6 months to 2.5 years old! The sessions are one on one with the instructor, are 15 minutes and a chance for an instructor to show you tips and tricks for swimming with your littlest fish to get them comfortable before they start full swim lessons. Book Littlest Fish lessons in the same manor as our other lessons. You can select for this type of lesson while booking. Please reach out with any questions.

Our Approach To Swim Instruction

Our intuitive approach to the developmental process of learning to swim focuses on trust and safety.

We use a variety of pool toys and games that have been developed over the twenty years Emily has been teaching, to keep kiddos excited and intrigued.  The lessons are predictable and repetitive to help nervous swimmers feel comfortable and explore their presence in the water.

We wear goggles to help feel the most comfortable going underwater.  Once comfortable with goggles on, we practice with them off on occasion, for safety sake.  I recommend adult Speedo goggles for any child over the age of 3 and child sized goggles for children under 3. These ones are our favorites!

Parents are not in the water with the child, and our best work is done with parents on the outside of the enclosed pool area. Parents who are accompanied by more than one child or those with particularly nervous swimmers are encouraged to watch from the lesson cam in the waiting room.  There is also a bench in the enclosure for those who wish to quietly observe their child's lesson. If you are looking for a parent participation class, please feel to ask, we have some wonderful classes to recommend at other locations.

We work with older children and adults as well, who are looking to improve their stroke technique or competitive edge! If you have a specific aim for your child, for example if they are working on passing a swim test or a specific stroke, please let the instructor know. For more information on instructors with training on advanced technique, please reach out.

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