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Little Fish East

12564 17th Ave NE, Seattle 98125

Original Location

We are in the Pinehurst neighborhood in North Seattle.  It is a large backyard swimming pool covered by a magical greenhouse in an idyllic garden setting.

Entrance to the pool is through the gate on the side of the house.  The pool is in a greenhouse enclosure in the back and one swimmer at a time is permitted in the pool area.  

Please arrive ready to swim or feel free to use the changing room and bathroom in the basement of the residence.

There is great ventilation in the greenhouse and an overhead fan for circulation. The water is kept at 89 degrees.  It is chlorinated water.

Our waiting room is equipped with a camera feed for parents who want to watch lessons but don't want to sit by the pool.

Tour of Little Fish East

Our Original Location

Little Fish West

13017 3rd Ave NE Seattle, 98125

Located just 5 minutes west of Little Fish East.

This new pool is also covered, but by a large tent that protects from the rain.  It is also a large backyard swimming pool in an idyllic garden setting.  The temperature is kept at 88-89 degrees.  It is chlorinated water.

There is a newly constructed bathroom/shower and changing room just for swimmers, and a waiting room equipped with a camera for parents who want to watch lessons but don't want to sit by the pool.

Little Fish North

18520 63rd ave NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

Residential lap pool covered by a greenhouse with adjoining changing room and bathroom. Parking is on site and water will be a toasty 90 degrees all winter long! Location just 10 minutes north of our East location. (Its not as far as you think! Come give it a try :)

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